CEO and Founder of NEXUMGlobal

Jean-Marc Dallaire, boasts over 40 years of executive-level expertise in retail, finance, and marketing. His journey from Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur reflects a commitment to innovative thinking and turning challenges into opportunities. Jean-Marc's transformative leadership, leveraging global connections, guides businesses in Canada and Southeast Asia toward dynamic growth. At NEXUMGlobal, the ethos of "One Team, One Goal!" shapes a collaborative approach, ensuring a holistic and innovative perspective in providing solutions. His track record of optimizing growth and profitability is a testament to his personal expertise and the collective strength of his exceptional team. Pioneering initiatives in Enterprise Blockchain, AI, IoT, and sustainability, Jean-Marc continues to create groundbreaking solutions and seize opportunities.

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NEXUMGlobal - Thailand

Pimjai Athijagravudh, a seasoned professional with over 23 years of expertise, specializes in digital transformation within the financial industry, transaction banking, and supply-chain solutions. Her illustrious career includes pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like Visa Inc. and NITMX, showcasing a proven track record in pioneering innovative solutions for banks and corporates. With significant positions at Standard Chartered Bank in Thailand and Vietnam, Pimjai brings a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector. As the Regional Head of Business Solutions in Southeast Asia at Visa Inc., she developed an extensive network and exemplified visionary leadership in driving impactful digital transformations.

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NEXUMGlobal - Thailand & Middle East

Michael Sypsomos, a Partner at NEXUMGlobal for Thailand and the Middle East regions, is an esteemed Project and Business Coach, Author, and Change Agent with a career spanning over four decades. Renowned for creating and fostering project management capability for international organizations, Michael has earned unparalleled success and recognition. His expertise lies in establishing and steering Project Management Offices (PMOs) that have led award-winning projects. With past roles at organizations like The Mentor Group Int’l, PTTEP Australasia, Chevron Asia South, and Unocal Thailand, Michael's leadership showcases extensive experience in driving transformative projects and instigating operational excellence.

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NEXUMGlobal - Middle East

Nile Al Rushaid, a distinguished Partner at NEXUMGlobal overseeing the Middle East Regions, brings over 30 years of expertise in project management and business consulting. Recognized for adept leadership and driving transformative growth, Nile excels in leveraging organizational acumen and a passion for innovation. His track record demonstrates a history of enabling teams to embrace change and achieve exceptional results, making him an ideal partner for businesses aiming at sustainable and substantial growth. With key positions at NOUR Consulting, Trans Sadara Company, Majan Land Refinery & Petrochemicals, and Saudi Aramco, Nile stands as a visionary professional with a legacy of catalyzing success and spearheading strategic development initiatives. 

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NEXUMGlobal - UK & Australia

Christopher Marland, a seasoned professional in the financial services industry, brings a rich 20-year career spanning Sydney, New York, and Hong Kong. In 2016, fueled by a profound dedication to environmental preservation, Chris shifted his focus towards sustainability-focused projects. Actively collaborating with innovators, manufacturers, and providers of building and business efficiency tools, as well as solar-powered products, he aims to empower off-grid and underserved populations in developing nations. As the Co-founder of Sunland Cleantech Ltd (UK) and with pivotal roles like Head of Central Trading at LIM Advisors (HK) and Equity and Options Trader at New edge(NYC), Chris Marland is dedicated to environmental sustainability and fostering innovative solutions in both the financial and sustainability domains.

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NEXUMGlobal - Canada & Thailand

Sylvain is an accomplished international B2B specialist with extensive experience in management, coaching, sales, and business development. He specializes in software, IT, and OEM solutions within sectors like Pharma, Industrial, and Medical Devices.
With a global perspective shaped by diverse cultural exposure, Sylvain excels in leading cross-functional teams and fostering robust client relationships. He is the ideal choice to guide you towards partner solutions that precisely align with your unique needs and constraints.

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NEXUMGlobal - Cambodia

Phoung Vuthy, is the Founder & Managing Director of MRTS, is among Cambodia's seasoned researchers, offering comprehensive insights and strategies for the market. With almost two decades of experience in marketing and research, his journey commenced in 2006, and prior to MRTS, he served as a country director for an earlier research firm for nearly eight years. His expertise spans various sectors, collaborating with both local and international clients in banking, tele-communications, healthcare, and more, aligning with ESOMAR guidelines as an ESOMAR member.

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Marisha Wojciechowska

NEXUMGlobal – Thailand & Japan

A seasoned international development consultant, Marisha specializes in sustainable development and water management policies across Asia. Her extensive experience involves collaborating with diverse clients, including multilateral agencies, governments, research institutes, NGOs, and IFIs. Marisha excels in project coordination, policy formulation, and conducting multi-stakeholder consultations, demonstrating a profound understanding of intricate global challenges within the high-level policy landscape of Japan and Southeast Asia.

Beyond her consultancy role, Marisha is an entrepreneur with ventures like My Globetrotter Book, promoting cultural awareness and global citizenship among children. Committed to education, she also introduces My Bodytrotter Book, offering insights into cellular workings for The foundation of a healthy life. Marisha's passion extends to the frontier science of Redox Signaling Molecules, advocating their role in optimizing cellular function for overall health, unlocking the body's natural potential for vitality and well-being.

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Charles Vez

NEXUMGlobal, EU & Switzerland

Charles Vez is an experienced project manager in the IT industry with over thirty years of experience. He has worked for several Swiss financial institutions and other large corporations, and since 2017, he has been running his own independent practice. Charles is currently working on projects for the Quebec provincial government and has a wealth of knowledge in software development, infrastructure, and project management. He is a team player with excellent interpersonal skills and is known for his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to lead teams. Charles has a degree in project management from ISEIG and has worked in several branches of the economy such as insurance, telecommunications, and administration (provincial and federal). He has oriented his activities towards project management since working in the public sector, first for the Canton of Berne (2012), then within the Swiss Confederation at the Federal Department of Justice and Police where he was responsible for infrastructure management (UNIX/LINUX and Windows). Charles is focused on delivering projects on time and on budget and is creative in finding remedies when things don’t go according to plan to keep the project on track.

CECILIA LUI, MA (Communication)

NEXUMGlobal, Canada & Hong Kong

Cecilia Lui, Founder & Director of ILIA Connect, is a seasoned professional who has spent equal time over her 30+ years of cross-sector, multidisciplinary career in Canada and the Asia Pacific across Corporate Administration, Communication, Business Development, and Learning & Development. Combining her Canadian upbringing with a native Hong Kong background, Cecilia excels in applying east-west perspectives to her work in consulting, coaching, training, mentoring, and teaching.  Her extensive expertise has been sought by notable organizations, including Rogers Communications Canada, PPG US, Société Générale, Sotheby’s, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, and other international brands.  As a conference presenter, she has also brought her work to different parts of Asia, Europe, and North America.

Cecilia's unique strengths lie in her pragmatic and laser-focused problem-solving approach and is skilled in resolving all issues communication, culture and people related.Holding an MA in Communications from California State University, Cecilia is a Certified Practitioner of Lumina Learning psychometrics, bringing valuable insights to self-team-leadership development. Cecilia is currently a lecturer at McMaster University (Canada) and has also taught at Hong Kong universities on business, communications, and intercultural subjects, extending her impact across the globe. Cecilia has native proficiency in Cantonese and English, and intermediate proficiency in Mandarin.

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Kristine Koed

NEXUMGlobal - SEA & Europe

Kristine Koed is a trusted executive advisor with over 25 years of experience in  developing executive business and digital leaders to realize their full potential. Specializing digital and AI transformation, emerging technologies, with a strong focuses on sustainability and financial growth. Kristine is the founder and director of KOEDCON & IT Executive Partners International and a partner at CIONET Denmark. She has led successful projects in IT outsourcing, project management, and organizational change in production, service and sales.

Kristine's commitment to education is evident through her creation of digital education programs at the MBA level. Recognized for her strategic leadership, she has implemented LEAN SixSigma Blackbelt process optimization, enhancing value creation in business and IT operations. Her international experience and partnership in digital projects position her as a key figure in the digital leadership community, with a strong focus on sustainable and adaptive strategies.

Furthermore, Kristine is an expert in AI technology, as demonstrated by her involvement as a partner at AI SmartCon. Her deep understanding and professional knowledge regarding AI solutions and possibilities further enhance her capabilities in guiding businesses through the complexities of modern technological advancements.

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