DEXTA Consulting Business Profile

Under the visionary leadership of Pimjai Athijagravudh, DEXTA Consulting stands as a trailblazer in digital transformation strategy, leveraging over two decades of unparalleled expertise. Our consultancy excels across a spectrum of services, encompassing Business Strategy Consultancy, Business Process Improvement, cutting-edge Technology Solutions, and targeted Training initiatives designed to unleash the complete potential of organizations and their workforce.

At DEXTA Consulting, we view innovation not merely as a process but as a strategic imperative aimed at cultivating long-term business growth. With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, our overarching goal is to drive the expansion of business value. Through the deployment of innovative methodologies, we don't just optimize processes; we strategically elevate organizations, ensuring they navigate the digital landscape with purpose and emerge stronger. We invite you to join us on a transformative journey as we empower organizations to thrive through our holistic approach to digital excellence.


CoachSypsomos.com, led by Michael Sypsomos, is a beacon of excellence in project management and organizational change. With a remarkable four decades of experience, Michael mentors business leaders, sharing invaluable insights for resounding success. As the Founder of The Mentor Group International and a distinguished executive at Unocal and Chevron, his visionary coaching generates multimillion-dollar profits and transformative savings, earning recognition as the 2003 PMI Project of the Year Award Runner Up. Passionate about developing leaders and refining organizational processes, Michael’s guidance cultivates the right mindset, skills, and strategies for success and contentment in today's competitive business landscape. Operating globally from Thailand, Michael invites individuals to unlock their full potential by reaching out at Michael@CoachSypsomos.com and exploring transformative services that have made him a respected figure in project management and leadership development.


Elevating our capabilities at NEXUMGlobal, we proudly collaborate with MRTS Consulting. With over 50 years of market research expertise and a profound understanding of the Cambodian market, MRTS enhances our strategies, ensuring relevant, reliable, and actionable insights. Together, we are committed to delivering high-quality, timely, and cost-effective solutions to drive growth and success for businesses across diverse markets.

Explore the synergy of our partnership at mrtsconsulting.com


Introducing Madame Phuket Co. Ltd., and Wood Decor Bangkok, our esteemed business partner in collaboration with NEXUMGlobal, where innovative energy-efficient solutions meet sustainability. Together, we redefine the landscape of smart solutions for energy savings in both commercial and residential properties, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and forward-thinking services.

Inspired by Khun Nachitchaya Swuddipanee's expertise in personalized homecare services, our partnership extends beyond traditional boundaries. Combining creativity and efficiency, we transform spaces into energy-efficient havens, offering a spectrum of services from cutting-edge energy solutions to exquisite home and commercial building enhancements. Khun Nachitchaya’s dedication to turning dreams into reality aligns seamlessly with NEXUMGlobal's mission, providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and environmentally conscious services.

www.madamephuket.com (website under development)


Established in 2004 by an experienced transportation management team, CS Linkage Transport Co., Ltd. has become an innovative leader in international logistics. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including air/sea freight forwarding, project cargo handling, transportation, warehousing, and customs formality services. Notably, CS Linkage possesses the unique capability to source products for exploration and facilitate the importation of foreign products into Thailand.

CS Linkage's commitment to customer satisfaction, long-term partnerships, competitive rates, and product-sourcing expertise harmonizes seamlessly with NEXUMGlobal's mission. This partnership augments a comprehensive approach to international business development, logistics solutions, and specialized services such as product exploration and importation into Thailand. The collaboration positions CS Linkage as a valuable asset for NEXUMGlobal's clients, fostering efficient and sustainable growth in the global market.

Explore the synergy of our partnership at cslinkage.com


Founded in 2002 by industry veteran Khun Jintana Lertlumying, Relationship Republic (formerly OneRoof) has emerged as a prominent player in Thailand's advertising, direct marketing, and CRM sectors. With over 27 years of experience, the company initially gained recognition as a leading marketing and CRM agency, guiding brands through both business upturns and downturns.

In 2020, the evolution into Relationship Republic marked a significant expansion, transforming the organization into a multidisciplinary team of Consultants, Data Analysts, Software Developers, and BI Specialists. This growth positions Relationship Republic as a provider of end-to-end solutions for O2O platforms, specifically catering to medium to large businesses. Additionally, the company now offers a range of ready-to-use software and products, including Sales Ordering Tools, Payment Solutions, Data Integration Software, eCommerce Platforms, Messenger Services, and Call Centre Services. This strategic expansion and diversification make Relationship Republic a valuable collaborator for NEXUMGlobal, aligning with the latter's commitment to innovative and impactful business solutions for dynamic growth.

Explore the synergy of our partnership at relationshiprepublic.com


Banana Sound Studio and HOPS in Bangkok form a dynamic hub for music, entertainment education, and sonic creativity. Led by Mook Apitchaya and Ann Thitima Pratumthip, HOPS is a vibrant singing and dancing school dedicated to nurturing talent for the entertainment industry. With experienced teachers and a curriculum inspired by top schools in London and New York, HOPS offers a platform for aspiring professionals to hone their skills. Collaborations with renowned artists enhance the learning experience, emphasizing professionalism in the entertainment field.

Learn more at  hopstudio.net

Banana Sound Studio founded by well-known Tersak Janpan, is a leading force in Thai soundscapes, offering services from composing mesmerizing melodies to top-tier music composition and mixing. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team with nearly two decades of experience, the studio transforms creative visions into polished masterpieces. Their inspiring co-working space and signature Babar coffee shop provide an ideal environment for creativity to flourish.

Explore more at  bananasoundstudio.com


GeniusWebb stands as a premier web marketing company, excelling in translating intricate business strategies into impactful digital initiatives. Specializing in website design, localization, and leveraging search engine optimizations and advertising, we redefine online presence. Our distinctiveness is amplified through a strategic partnership with NEXUMGlobal. This collaboration marries our digital marketing prowess with NEXUMGlobal's four-decade legacy of transcending cultural differences, creating a synergistic approach. Together, we aspire to build bridges that seamlessly integrate digital strategies into international business development, offering clients a unique blend of innovation and cross-cultural expertise for sustained success in the global market.

Explore more at geniuswebb.com


Sunland Cleantech is a key player in revolutionizing business operations through cutting-edge efficiency solutions and a strong focus on sustainability. The company is dedicated to providing innovative strategies that not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Sunland Cleantech stands as a beacon for businesses seeking impactful solutions to reduce their environmental footprint while achieving operational excellence in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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